You have a business ? Great. Next thing you need is a website ? Even great. However you are wondering how to choose the best hosting plan for your website and what are the things that you should keep in mind while picking one and also from where. Worry not , read more to get a grip on this topic today.

First understand thr types of server provided by different companies. Mainly you are going to come across three main types of servers – Shared server , Virtual private server , Dedicated server , Cloud server. All of these are required for various purposes according to one’s need. For example in shared server , you website will be hosted in a server that’s already hosting many other websites. In Dedicated server however your website alone is hosted in that particular server giving you obvious benefits like high speed and security.

These servers should be chosen by keeping in mind your consumer size. Estimating your traffic expactancy is a crucial thing to do. It is really important that you are honest about your customer size as spending too much or too less on servers can have major effects for long run.

Speed , Support and Security , these three S are really to kept in mind before purchasing any web hosting plan. Also few hosting providers promise to give you unlimited storage and bandwidth for few rupees a month. This deal often isn’t what it looks like. If you pay very little amount a month for hosting, there will most probably be something in your terms of service letting your hosting provider to either downsize your performance or shut you down after a certain usage level.

Also , a last advice would be to always own your Domain. If you are not satisfied with your hosting plan performance or simply something goes wrong you atleast have the control over you domain and can always make a new website by shifting to another web host provider however you wish.

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